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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Manzo Current Books in print & Online

§ Content Area Literacy: A Framework for Reading-Based Instruction (5th edition) Wiley (2009)

§ Informal Reading-Thinking Inventory (with U. Manzo & M. McKenna). Harcourt, Brace College Publishers (1995). (Now Wadsworth)

§ Reading Assessment for Diagnostic-Prescriptive Teaching, 2nd edition (w. U. Manzo and Julie Albee) Belmont: California, Thomson/Wadsworth Publishers (2004)

§ Books available for free online at Google Books:

§ Teaching Children to be Literate: A Reflective ­Approach (with U. Manzo). Harcourt, Brace College Publishers (1995). (Now Wadsworth)

§ Literacy ­Disorders: Holistic Diagnosis and Remediation (with U. Manzo). Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich (1993). (Now Wadsworth) (2nd edition in progress; publication, 2003)

§ Content Area Reading: A Heuristic Approach (with U. Manzo). Macmillan (1990)

Bye, Bye Senseless Homework

Wyandanch (8th grade) JHS, Long Island N.Y. 1962

Effective teaching and supervised practice reduces the need for additional homework.