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Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Not Teacher, But Method That Matters

Breaking News Article in Science Magazine !!!

Study: It's Not Teacher, But Method That Matters

WASHINGTON May 12, 2011, 03:42 pm ET

Who's better at teaching difficult physics to a class of more than 250 college students: the highly rated veteran professor using time-tested lecturing, or the inexperienced graduate students interacting with kids via devices that look like TV remotes? The answer could rattle ivy on college walls.

A study by a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, now a science adviser to President Barack Obama, suggests that how you teach is more important than who does the teaching

This story seems to be a ringing endorsement for our effort to design and implement a systematic way to identify Good, Better and Best Instructional Practices. Most critically it is a contradiction of concepts and precepts of Professionalism to call Education a Profession with this fundamental step incomplete, and worse since it doesn't - until now - seem to even be on anyone's agenda, least of all the US Department of Education. For details on this effort to date see:


Related text: Manzo/Manzo/Thomas (2009) Content Area Literacy (Wiley, Publisher)

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